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In this dark comedy, an ordinary delivery route turns deadly for two mail carriers who may have seen too much. George was the lucky mailman who took off from work the day the others met a horrible fate.  But fate has caught up to him as he ends up in a warehouse being interrogated by two mysterious would-be thugs. Forced to bring in anyone he’s told about the events that day, we meet George’s quirky friends. Deadly boss Jackie has no patience for the bumbling agents or the hostages’ strange behavior and wants them dead. But at the last minute, George has news that changes everything. As he bargains to make a deal for the hostages’ freedom, a double cross may be in the works. Will these unlikely heroes get out alive, or will they end up postmarked? 

Genre: Comedy/Thriller (Feature Length)

2015​, Released


Director: Gene Ganselle

Producer: Chris LaMont

Unit Production Manager: Susan Mueller

Production Coordinator: Janett Salas

Editor: Tyler Tang

Cinematographer: Janaki Cedanna

For full list of cast and crew: 

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