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Animation & Editing

In 2017, I co-founded an animated explainer company, The Bear's Den Entertainment, where we focus on helping businesses share their vision with video.

I've worked with clients to write, produce, and animate branded video content for landing pages, social media advertisements, and organic video posts.

I primarily edit and animate in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. I'm skilled in motion graphics, typography, 2D animation, and video editing.

The Maxx 159 Apartment Tour
San Hacienda Apartment Tour
How To Get Better Graphic Designs ✒️🎨  (When You're Not A Designer)

How To Get Better Graphic Designs ✒️🎨 (When You're Not A Designer)

It's very difficult to wear multiple hats in your company, on top of trying to learn a new skill just to cross off "Design a Facebook ad" off your to-do list. So here are THREE EASY steps to achieve better graphic designs when you're not a designer. Don't worry, it's not "Take a Design Class" because we all know, you don't have the time or the resources to do that! TL: DW 🎥 1. Take inspiration from other designs. There's a reason why a design caught your attention, so don't be afraid to take inspiration from those designs that work! 2. Sketch it out. If you have an idea in your head but you're not sure how to vocalize it, why don't you just draw it out and show your idea! This is a great way to get the gears turning and people can see what you're thinking. 3. Use Design Pickle! There's no easier and better way to go from idea to execution when it comes to design. Write out a design request and include your photos of inspiration and sketches, and see what your professional designer can do, and if they don't get it right the first time, no need to worry, you have unlimited requests and revisions for just $399/month. 🛒 💚 Get 20% off your first month when you use promo code: ytlove Who Is Design Pickle? 🥒 The most helpful creative company in the world. Our mission goes far beyond Adobe files. We wake up every day to change lives through our creative service, support, and products. Every Design Pickle experience is guided by our core values: Friendly, Smart-Working, Truth, and Service. We treat each other and our clients with warmth and authenticity. We are self-starters and seek out the best solution for every circumstance. Our actions, conversations, and decisions are guided by reality and doing what's right. We give back to the communities we self-identify with. How will a pickled themed company change the lives of millions around the world? On the surface, it may seem like hippy-dippy-baloney, but we are committed to achieving our vision through a three-pronged strategy: 1) Deliver world-class creative services, products, and careers. 2) Create original content to inspire, entertain, educate and inform. 3) Advance the vocation of graphic design around the globe. Follow us on Facebook at Twitter at and Instagram at Visit our website at
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